5 Must Haves in a Bankruptcy Lawyer


In an article written by Michael Estrin and published on Bankrate.com entitled “5 ‘must haves’ in a bankruptcy lawyer”  <http://tinyurl.com/omkvryp>the author goes through five important criteria that you should consider when choosing a bankruptcy lawyer.

The firsmust have is value, but with the understanding that often the least expensive or “bargain” option is not the best choice.  The article appreciates that in an effort to attract business, some firms may offer a lower than usual fee for services.  However, when the proposed fee is substantially lower than the average fee for attorneys in the area, that should be a red flag that either the attorney does not understand the complexity of bankruptcy or will try to cut corners on your case. The article also points out that it is imperative that all services be clearly spelled out in the representation agreement. Attorney Blumenthal has been specializing in bankruptcy matters for more than 30 years. He carefully reviews each potential case in-depth and makes clear to potential clients what issues are likely to arise in their particular case.  His engagement letters provide substantial detail as to the services that will be provided

The second must have is that the lawyer should be a true bankruptcy expert. The American Board of Certification is the nation’s premier legal specialty certification organization of bankruptcy practioners. It certifies attorneys as specialists in business bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, and creditors’ rights law and has certified Attorney Blumenthal as a Specialist in Business Bankruptcy.

The third must have is that the lawyer needs to be current with the bankruptcy law, particularly the major code changes that were implemented in 2005 and the results in bankruptcy practice stemming for those changes.  Attorney Blumenthal was a bankruptcy expert for more than twenty years prior to those code changes, and has spent the last decade carefully analyzing and implementing the new rules and regulations.  He has attended and presented numerous seminars on the subject, carefully reviews all publications in the field, and is a very active participant in the professional discussion on websites and listserves that highlight current decisions and rule and statute changes on an almost daily basis. Attorney Blumenthal works studiously to keep current with the law and the emerging trends.

The fourth must have is to personalized service.  You should engage a firm where your case will be given the special attention it requires.  Some big firms lack the personal touch, providing one size fits all services or allowing paraprofessionals to handle casework.  Attorney Blumenthal meets at length with each potential client to discuss the individual circumstances of each case, and personally presents his clients at all motions and hearings.

The fifth must have is a comfortable relationship.  Attorney Blumenthal strives to make all of his clients as comfortable as possible.  He fully understands that bankruptcy matters are personal and sometimes challenging to discuss.  Clients often find themselves in financial difficulties for reasons beyond their control, and often have many questions and concerns.  Attorney Blumenthal is readily available to respond to those concerns quickly, whether in person, by phone, or by email.  He makes every effort to answer questions within hours, if not sooner.  While some believe that bankruptcy has a negative connotation, Attorney Blumenthal wants his clients to understand that bankruptcy often provides individuals with a fresh start and a new financial life.