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About Attorney Richard L. Blumenthal


I have been primarily practicing bankruptcy law for over 30 years. As opposed to many practitioners who have gone  into the chapter 7 and Chapter 13 realms from other areas of practice, my focus has been on bankruptcy. Earlier in my career I was involved in a number of substantial chapter 11 reorganization cases and I have successfully reorganized a number of entities and individuals. Learning the chapter 11 process has immensely helped me in representing individuals and entities that need assistance in chapter 7 matters and individuals that need assistance in chapter 13 matters. I make every effort to look at the entire picture and always try to avoid any rash action where a filing could have unintended adverse consequences.

I have represented various creditors through the years and, as such, have a strong idea as to how creditors will view various situations . This allows me to provide clients with informed advice. I focus on  the big picture and avoid rash actions which could lead to negative  results. I keep very current on the bankruptcy decisions as they are issued and keep abreast of cases as they are published and trends as they emerge. On a regular basis  counsel contact me to consult or advise when they come across complex or unexpected issues.